Objetivos pedagógicos

The goal of our educational activities is to promote language and social skills from the very beginning. This, in turn, stimulates playing skills. We believe strengthening a child’s self-confidence and their drive to take initiative are of equal importance to promoting motor and language skills through sensory games and physical activities.

We are convinced that our goals can only be met by bestowing each child with a certain degree of attention, love, respect, and freedom.

Fostering a sense of acceptance is absolutely essential to a building harmonious and sincere relationships with the children.

Educational Activities

The rooms at PINTA CAMINOS are bright and inviting. We purposely designed the areas to be open and sparsely decorated. This allows an uninterrupted view and encourages the children to play freely and use their imagination.

Indoor Activities

We offer a wide array of daily activities to stimulate motor skills and cognitive development. The children build things, do handicrafts, sculpt with play-doh, cook, dance, exercise, read, sing, paint, and make music together. In  addition to books, cars and dolls, we provide a wonderful variety of wooden toys.

Musical Education

We believe that language and musical education go hand-in-hand which is why song is part of our daily routine at PINTA CAMINOS. The children learn German and Spanish songs, fairy tales, rhymes, and poems and get to participate in the rhythms with various rattles and percussion instruments.

“Wird eine verbale Zuwendung durch eine musikalische erweitert,  so kann auch Musik zu einer Art Muttersprache werden”

This quote illustrates that if the same amount of attention is given to musical development as is given to speech development, then music becomes a kind of native language for the child.

And that can be a treasure for a lifetime…