Nature Games

The “Stadtwald” is our backyard. We even built our own barefoot obstacle course in the Stadtwald. The children helped build it and continue to assist with maintence.
The Stadtwald is a neverending place of wonder in all it offers: rocks, sticks, trees and bushes, birds, bugs, donkeys, forest, and fields… and the park bench for breakfast.

Painting to Music

During the warmer weeks of spring, we accompany the children to the Stadtwald where, under Vivaldi’s musical direction, the children experiment with shapes, figures and color. The impressive works of art are then sold to the highest bidder at the PINTA CAMINOS summer party.

Field Trips

In addition to our daily trips to the Stadtwald, various playgrounds or to the market, the children also take trips to the city center, Rheincenter, the symphony hall, fire department, to the horse stables , or to the Cologne Zoo.


Each year, PINTA CAMINOS has a special motto for Karnevel: “Alaaf!”


The children make nests and hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny hides for them in the Stadtwald each Easter.


St. Martin

The children make lanterns and join in the Braunsfeld Kindergarden’s St. Martin Day parade.


At the PINTA CAMINOS Christmas party, the parents get to enjoy watching and listening to their proud children sing the songs they’ve learned.


Your child’s 2nd birthday is a big celebration at PINTA CAMINOS – with all the bells and whistles!